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The Utica Zombie Walk is back to celebrate its tenth anniversary! We are pleased to announce that the Utica Zombie Walk will return this year to one of Utica’s most iconic venues, The Uptown Theatre! Please help spread the word and invite your friends, families and fellow zombies to our ten year anniversary walk. We hope you shamble on down to the newly-renovated Uptown Theatre to see what’s new. 

Much like our zombie friends, the uptown is back from the dead. But instead of feeding on brains, the uptown feeds on american currency. (And also brains) so throw a few bucks our way so we can keep bringing you unique events and opportunities to be your weird creative selves.

Now back to the details from the good folks at uzwX:

FREE ADMISSION, all ages are welcome.  Anyone under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by an adult. 

Please bring one non-perishable pet food or care item for the Stevens-Swan Humane Society of Oneida County and/or a cash donation to help with the restoration efforts of the Uptown Theatre. 

Come already in costume, WE WILL NOT BE PROVIDING FREE MAKEUP THIS YEAR. If you do need help getting into character, FX Makeup artist Jess Daniels will be on site to “zombify” participants for a small fee.  


5pm: Doors open, registration and donations drop off

5-7pm: Gathering, makeup, snacks, DJ set by PHUNGEYE

7-8pm:  The zombie walk! (see route)

8:30pm: An undead after party at the Uptown. $10.00, Ages 21+ only. TICKETS


1. While on the walk please do not touch any pedestrians or other walk participants. Do not physically interact with them in any way, shape, or form

2. Please obey all pedestrian traffic laws and listen closely to the volunteer staff who will assist with street crossings.

3. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the venue or on the streets.   

4. No realistic fake weapons (fake knives, firearms, etc) are permitted. If you are found in possession of a realistic looking fake weapon, you will be asked to leave the walk and the authorities will be contacted.

5. We ask that all participants stick together as a group. We ask that everyone be at the start point and ready to go at the designated time of 7:00pm. 

Anyone who violates the rules will be asked to leave the venue and/or the walk.